Wired Inflator Portable (D17)
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Wired Inflator Portable (D17)

Wired inflator portable (D17) is a collection of the air pump, outdoor lighting as one of the vehicle products. Wired inflator portable (D17) can do CNC inflation, intelligent adjustment; and the powerful LED allows you to be fearless of the dark.


Product Features

Wired inflator portable (D17) has the following features:
1. Lighting function: This power supply integrates a 0.5W white LED, which can be used as an outdoor lighting tool.
2. Air pump function: This power supply integrates an air pump, which can be used for tire inflation.
3. Pressure detection function: this power supply integrates a digital display barometer, which can be used as the pressure detection, accuracy of ± 0.1kg /cm2.
4. Inflatable object: car, motorcycle, bicycle, basketball.

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Product Parameters

Wired inflator portable (D17)has the following parameters:
Inflating speed: automobile tire (2.3-2.5bar) about 5-6 minutes.
Inflating speed: 36.1L/Min.
Maximum atmospheric pressure: 150PSI.
Input voltage: DC12V 7A.
Power supply interface: DC socket.
Working temperature: 0~45.
Storage temperature: -20~80.
Working time: recommended tire pressure 0-2.5bar, rest for 10Min; Tire pressure 1.8-2.5bar, 4 tires, rest for 10Min.

Application and After-Sales Service

Wired inflator portable (D17) can be used in the following areas:
1. All kinds of car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, and ball tire pressure inspection and inflation.
2. Outdoor emergency lighting & SOS lamp.
3. The warranty period is one year.

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