Portable Inflator Pump (D1)
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Portable Inflator Pump (D1)

A portable inflator pump (D1) is a collection of the air pump, power bank, outdoor lighting as one of the vehicle products. A portable inflator pump (D1) can do CNC inflation, intelligent adjustment; The 2000mAh battery allows android and apple phones to charge without worries, and the powerful LED allows you to be fearless of the dark, also can work by car adaptor if the battery does no power.


Product Features

A portable inflator pump (D1) has the following features:
1. Super capacity: built-in 3.7V/2000mAh high capacity and high safety performance battery pack 2 pieces in series.
2. Lighting function: This power supply integrates a 0.5W white LED, which can be used as an outdoor lighting tool.
3. Air pump function: This power supply integrates an air pump, which can be used for tire inflation.
4. Pressure detection function: this power supply integrates a digital display barometer, which can be used as the pressure detection, accuracy of ± 0.1kg /cm2.
5. USB output: charging for all kinds of mobile phones.
6. DCP identification: Suitable for most Android Apple phones, faster and safer charging.
7. Safe and reliable: PCBA has power supply short circuit protection design; Built-in lithium battery protection IC: can effectively prevent battery overcharge, over-discharge, overflow.
8. Inflatable object: car, motorcycle, bicycle, basketball.
9. Can work by car adaptor if the battery has no power.

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Product Parameters

A portable inflator pump (D1) has the following parameters:
Charging speed: 28.5L/Min.
Maximum atmospheric pressure: 150PSI.
Ultra-high efficiency: 5V/ 2.1a charging efficiency >60%.
Durable: built-in battery charge and discharge cycle times ≥500 times.
Working time: recommended tire pressure 0-2.5bar, rest 10Min; Tire pressure 1.8-2.5bar, can beat 4 tires, rest for 10Min.

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Application and After-Sales Service

A portable inflator pump (D1) can be used in the following areas:
1. All kinds of car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, and ball tire pressure inspection and inflation.
2. Outdoor emergency lighting and SOS signal lamp.
3. All kinds of mobile phones charging.
4. The warranty period is one year.

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